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RV Resort Reservations

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            RV Resort Reservations was created for my personal use to help us keep track of our RV Resort Reservations. We are full time RV'ers and make dozens of reservations throughout the year. So documenting our destinations and confirmations are a necessity. This was originally designed to be used for RV Resorts, but it can actually be used to track any type of reservation, business or pleasure. We have close to 100 RV Resorts already in the program. Use them or just add your own Resort destinations, it’s easy to do.

            The Main Menu is the starting point to getting started. If you need help, there are Yellow Help Boxes with a Red Question Mark in it (?) all through the application.

 Click on it and a screen will pop up with detailed information to help you out.

             To view your current reservations, click on the button “Make/View a Reservation”. It will bring you to that listing. It shows your current reservation at the top of the list followed by all the rest of your reservations in the weeks and months.

             View past Reservations? Do you want to view a list of your past Reservations or the Reservations you canceled? No problem. From the Main Menu, Click on the button labeled… “Create a Custom List of Reservations”. That will bring you to a screen to input your needs to get the correct list of Reservations you need.

             We added a feature called “My Rules”. You can get to this from the Main Menu by clicking on the button labeled “Show/Add My Rules”. If you are a member of one or more Resort Affiliations like Thousand Trails or Coast to Coast. You will have rules to follow. "My Rules". This is the place to store them for a quick reference. We have several memberships. Each one has different rules within the contract membership. We are only interested in the important rules pertaining to each membership. Like how many weeks can I stay at a resort? How soon before you arrive can you make the reservation? All different from membership to membership. Add them here, then update them as you need and print them whenever you want.

             When can I make my Reservation? From the Main Menu, Click on the button labeled “Project When a Reservation Can Be Made”. To go along with “My Rules”, we created a feature that will project when you can make a Reservation based on your arrival date and how soon in advance you can make the reservation. Add the Club’s time span before the reservation can be made (Say 3 months) then add the arrival date and hit the Calculate Button. The date when you can call for your reservation pops up. It also shows your projected departure dates for 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 week and a 4 week stay.

             Personal Information.

     On your first visit to one of the Personal Information areas, we'll ask you to enter a NEW password. Just type in your favorite password you use. It will not expire. After you set up the password you are ready to explore what's inside.

 So, What’s inside the Personal Information area?

Button labeled “Show/Add My RV Personal Information” . Use this option to document your personal RV information. Add your vehicle types and plate numbers. This information will show up on your Road Trip Report. Very useful for check-in. Also, store your Membership account numbers here too. The Membership numbers will not print anywhere. They are there for your convenience.

 Button Labeled “Personal Accounts Tracking” . Several of my clients have asked for this feature, so I included it in this version.

Here you can add your personal account information. Such as…

            Credit Cards, Savings accounts, Checking accounts, IRA accounts, etc.

Here's why. If you lose a credit card, you'll have all the info you'll need to call the bank and get them to cancel the old card and issue you a new one. As long as you have your PC with you, you're all set. If you're like us, we have our laptop with us all the time. Even when we travel.

 Button labeled “My Prescription Meds”.

Record your prescription Medicines here.

            Add as many Users (You, your spouse, whoever) as you want.

            Add as many prescribing professionals (Doctors) as you need.

            Then add your Prescription Medicines, Vitamins, cough syrup… You get the idea.

Document the name, dosage and how often you take the medicine. Once the meds have been added, it's very easy to change or remove Meds, Users and Doctors. At anytime you can print your Medicine List for your wallet or to take it to your Doctors office.

 That’s it so far. We use this all the time for all our information. But, just tracking your reservations might be enough for you. Either way, you will find this application to be helpful. Enjoy.
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