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Weight Loss Challenge

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Thank you for looking at the Weight Loss Challenge Application. It came about through a family challenge that started up in early 2010. We had 18 people that were involved in losing weight. I decided to put this together to keep track of how everyone was doing throughout the competition. I’d tell you who won, but they might get upset with me. But, this application was a big help in documenting the results from week to week. And especially at the end. So I thought, if we benefitted by it, maybe others could use it to help them lose weight as well.

Here is how it works...

As you enter the starting weights and current weights, the application calculates...

1) Individual weight loss in pounds
2) Percentage of weight loss per person
3) It also calculates the groups total weight start, total weight loss and the total weight loss percentage.

Have fun with it.

That’s why I’m offering the Weight Loss Challenge Application for free.

Use it…Enjoy it…Pass it on to others or send them our website link…
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