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Meet Homer

He likes playing Texas Hold'em Poker.
He'll play pocket dueces right to the end.
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Homer Programming

Applications for the Average Joe
What we do...
We create applications/programs for the Average Joe.
The weekend poker player needs a Poker Timer, we have it.
Do you go camping alot? Are you a Fulltime RV'er? Check out the RV Reservations App we have.

Looking to trim your waste line? We have a program that will make it a fun compitition to lose the weight or at least give you the tool to help you on your diet.
It's called the "Weight Loss Challenge". And best of all...
It's FREE.

We hope you enjoy using our software. All of our software is free to download. To ensure you are fully satisfied with our products, we include 10 free trial uses. That will give you enough time to give it a test drive. If, at the end of your trial period you decide to purchase, just click on the PayPal link. If you do not wish to, that's fine too. We hope you'll try other products from Homer Programming.

There's a lot on the horizon. We have a Recipe app, an Inventory app and much more in the works.
Come back from time to time to see what's new here at Homer Programming.
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